Products: What TECHPLACE Offers You

TECHPLACE is the information resource for the oil and gas operator. Our business is technology transfer and we work through Workshops, Newsletters, and Tech Alerts, to bring the latest research and technology to the small- to medium-sized operator. SIGN UP TODAY.

Newsletters – PTTC Network News, is a 16-page newsletter issued four times per year and is designed to keep you current with information about people and workshops that will help the profitability and efficiency of your company. The two most recent issues are posted online and, if you request, will be mailed hard copy to U.S. addresses only. The best news is it’s FREE.

Tech Alerts – PTTC Tech Alerts is a regularly scheduled email alert to keep you informed about upcoming events and the latest technology developments. FREE to subscribers.

Workshops – PTTC-sponsored workshops have been the industry standard since the early 1990s, offering the latest information to the small- to medium-sized operator and teaching production techniques that will help increase your production and enhance your profitability. More than 100 are offered each year around the United States, and are managed separately by the Regional PTTC Directors working with local and regional technology and/or government organizations. Pricing varies. For a listing click here.

Archives – PTTC newsletters, workshop summaries and workshop notebooks are archived online at TECHPLACE. This valuable archive offers answers to many of your production problems. Additionally, our most recent (150+) Workshop Notebooks are summarized in a technical summary format that guides the user to the most relevant information. All these are available online under a 12-month subscription. New Workshop Summaries and Workshop Notebooks are added each month.

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