TECHPLACE is a new online information resource provided by the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council (PTTC) and AAPG/Datapages. This cooperative effort captures and delivers technology insights from PTTC’s historical activities that you can use to make important technology decisions that will positively affect your company’s bottom line. TECHPLACE allows users to access workshop summaries and workshop notebooks, browse past issues of the PTTC Network News, plus see upcoming PTTC and other events of interest.

The search feature allows subscribers to read and download PTTC workshop summaries and workshop notebooks. Workshop information lies within two categories: (a) workshop summaries WITH notebooks, and (b) workshop notebooks that do not yet have workshop summaries.

Summaries WITH notebooks – Each PTTC workshop summary is a 3-6 page report for each PTTC-sponsored workshop (held continuously since 1995). Each summary is a technically prepared analysis of the material contained in a one- to three-day workshop presented by multiple authors on a selected subject. The workshop notebook contains the handouts from a specific workshop, which may include the workshop agenda, speakers, abstracts, notes, conclusions and numerous graphics, and tables of data originally presented as PowerPoint slides. Currently there are (approximately) 115 workshop summaries WITH notebooks, and 35+ additional workshop notebooks (without summaries). Work is ongoing and new workshop notebooks and workshop summaries are added all the time.

Workshop notebooks WITHOUT summaries – The second category provides a large number of workshop notebooks, for which summaries have not yet been prepared. The workshop notebooks contain graphics and data tables related to the technologies employed in the petroleum industry. Some of the workshop notebooks are stand alone, but many need the information provided in the technical workshop summaries. PTTC’s goal is to prepare and add the summaries for many of these workshops in the coming months. So check frequently to search for new summaries announced in the Featured section.

The workshops are categorized into four main topic areas: Exploration, Reservoir & Development, Operations & Production, and Drilling & Completion. Enhance your search experience using these tips and instructions.